Hi, and welcome to Salty Hair Therapy!

My name is Susie, an islander at heart and former pole dance instructor-in-training. I currently live and work in Fiji but I was born in Korea and raised overseas. My first memory of getting on a plane stems back to when my family moved to South Asia for my dad’s new job when I was six years old. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to travel and explore bits and pieces of the world – 19 countries and counting – either for work or for personal/family travel. Sadly, I had to take a short break from traveling when I went to university in America to save money and well, to graduate on time…

After I graduated from college, I taught English in Thailand for 10 months, where I also had the opportunity to travel solo or with colleagues and friends across the country, especially to the beautiful beaches and islands in the south. It made me fall in love with the sun and the waves everyday and led to my obsession with bathing suits and turtles.

I was offered an extension with my teaching gig in Thailand but I had to make a heartbreaking decision to get a “real job” to grow digits in my bank account. I took a job in communications for a year and then moved to Korea to pursue my Master’s. You’ll soon be able to read about my two years of graduate school in Korea, where you’ll also find out how I ended up in Fiji.

I started Salty Hair Therapy to document my time here in Fiji and my future adventures in the Pacific. I hope you enjoy reading about the beautiful islands in our lovely planet that you didn’t know existed.

Come join me in my salty hair adventures!

With love, Susie